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Jacksonville City Parks

Jacksonville residents have the ability to enjoy one of the largest metropolitan park systems in the world; and with enlarging access, enhanced programs and supportive leadership, our parks will be simply improving.

Fort Caroline National Memorial

At the payoff of la Caroline, French settlers fought for survival in a new world. Many sought religious freedom in a new territory, while the others were soldiers or tradesman starting a fresh life. The climactic conflicts fought here between the French and the Spanish declared the first time that European nations fought for control of their lands in what is currently the United States. It wouldn’t be the final time.

Designated by Congress in 2006, the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor goes from Wilmington, New York at the in the north of the city of Jacksonville, Florida in the south. It hosts one of America’s most unique cultures, a heritage first shaped by Faith Africans attracted into the southern United States in West Africa and lasted in centuries with their descendants.

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Kingsley Plantation

“During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, lots of people arrived at Florida. Some, like Zephaniah Kingsley, hunted to make their own fortunes by obtaining property and setting plantations. Others were forced to visit Florida to focus on the plantations, their labor providing riches to those men and women who owned them. Some of those enslaved would become completely free landowners, struggling to maintain their footing in a dangerous period of changing alliances and politics. Each one of these individuals played a role in the history of Kingsley Plantation.

Little Talbot Island State Park

With greater than five miles of beautiful, white sandy beaches, Little Talbot Island is one of the very few remaining underdeveloped barrier islands in Northeast Florida.

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